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itf124004Welcome to Autism West’s website.

We are a family support service and welcome you all to our centre. Pop in for a coffee, browse through our resource centre, or chat to our friendly staff. We welcome any requests or feedback in relation to how we can help support you and your family in your journey with autism.

Autism West is associated with the South West Autism Network (SWAN). SWAN is a not for profit, charitable organisation supporting the families in the south west region of Western Australia living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We have many activities and programs that are running across 2014. If you require further information or want to register your interest, please contact Gabriella on 6389 1833 or email info@autismwest.org.au.

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News and Announcements


Saturday 18th October
For the Race around Rottnest Event at ROTTNEST ISLAND

  • Help supervision of the adventure race, timing, registrations or help at the Autism West stand
  • All volunteers will be provided with a free return ferry ticket for the event
  • All volunteers will receive an event hoodie, and a delicious lunch and snack from the Rottnest Bakery

Time: 6:40am-SHARP!
Location: Northport Ferry Terminal, Rous Head Rd, North Fremantle
Returning: Saturday 18th October
Time: 2.10pm*
Location: Ferry Jetty, Rottnest Island back to Northport
* Volunteers may leave on any scheduled Rottnest Express ferry back Northport after completing their duties. Please see the Information Centre on Rottnest Island if you wish to change your ferry time.

Contact Gabriella to register ph: (08) 6389 1833 or email: glabianca@autismwest.org.au

Australian Austism Spectrum Disorder – Educational Needs Analysis

Introducing an exciting, nationwide project from the Autism Cooperative Research Centre: the Australian ASD-Educational Needs Analysis (ASD-ENA). This project is investigating the educational needs of children with an ASD aged 5 – 18 years, as perceived by members of five different family and professional groups including parents, school principals, classroom teachers and teacher aides:

Click here for the flyer which has a direct link to the survey at Surveymonkey. Alternatively, the survey can be accessed via the Autism CRC website.

This is a great opportunity to contribute to a national discussion about the educational needs for students with an ASD in Australia. Any queries please direct to Dr. Keely Harper-Hill on (07) 3138 3016 or email keely.harperhill@qut.edu.au.

The Orange Seed Project 2014 – Top 10 Finalists

Autism West is one of the lucky (and honoured) finalists in this years The Orange Seed Project!

To find out what we are in the running for please visit The Orange Seed Project’s website or check there Facebook or Twitter pages!

The Orange Seed Project’s official website.
The Orange Seed Project’s Twitter page.
The Orange Seed Project’s Facebook page.

2015 Variety Scholarships

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2015 Variety Scholarships.

The Variety Scholarships recognise the inspirational talents of Western Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs.

Applications are now open to young people who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs.

Please help us support deserving young people by nominating someone or promoting the Scholarships within your school or organisation.

For more information, or to apply using our new online application form, please click here.

The Dreamhouse

The Dreamhouse

In this refreshing 6 part series narrated by Adam Hills, 3 young adults with intellectual disabilities fly the nest and move into a new home for 10 weeks.

Experiencing life away from parents and learning to live more independently is a dream for all of them. And if it works out, they can stay on and call The Dreamhouse home.

Justin and Sarah have Down’s Syndrome. While Justin is confident and cocky and keen to assert his role as house alpha male, Sarah, is a practising Christian, and more docile and conservative. Kirk, the youngest, is very loud and energetic and hopes to make new friends but his autism means that social relationships can be challenging.

Over 10 weeks these three very different people go on a huge learning curve as they explore how to manage a house and how to live with each other. They party, fight, flirt, and above all grow exponentially in the process, and reveal a vibrant new world that is theirs alone.

The Dreamhouse is life changing for Justin, Sarah and Kirk, and also for their parents who watch their children grow in self confidence and flourish in the most unexpected ways that will affect their lives profoundly. Give people the opportunity and watch them flower.

Bursting with humour, conflict and tenderness. The Dreamhouse provides a bold insight into a world rarely seen before on television.

For more information about The Dreamhouse contact Karen or Brittany at Artemis International on 08 9228 2852.

Watch a sneak peak here!
Find out more at the website
Follow them on Twitter
Like them on Facebook

The Dreamhouse Ad


Drawtism is a fun guessing word game which gives players an insight, just for a moment, into the communication challenges faced by people with autism. If you’ve ever played Pictionary, you might remember a time when no matter what you drew, your team just couldn’t guess what you were trying to communicate…. Frustrating, right? That’s how the Drawtism concept came about!

With 1 in 100 Australians being diagnosed with autism, it’s never been more important to raise crucial funds for families impacted by autism. So this June, it’s time to get creative, entertain your guests and sharpen your pencils to make a difference!

Click here view the website for Drawtism.

Race Around Rottnest

Registrations for the 2014 Race Around Rottnest are OPEN!

Make the most of the early bird entry fees. Save the date and let your mates know.
We look forward to seeing you all there!

Entertainment™ Book Fundraising

Entertainment™ Memberships are packed with hundreds of up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers for the best local restaurants, cafés, attractions, hotel accommodation, travel and much more!

Available as a traditional Entertainment™ Book OR the new Entertainment™ Digital Membership for your Apple or Android device, your Membership gives you over $20,000 worth of valuable offers valid through to 1 June 2015!

Order your new 2014/2015 Perth Entertainment™ Membership from Autism West Support Inc and 20% of your Membership purchase goes towards our fund-raising!

Click here to find out more.
Click here to order now!

Please remember to reference Autism West Support Inc when registering your 2014/2015 Entertainment™ Membership.

CSMP – Curtin Specialist Mentoring Program

Jointly funded by Autism West and Curtin University to help support students on the Autism Spectrum to realise their life potential.
Click here to view the flyer for CSMP.

Job Vacancy @ Autism West

For all the details on Job Vacancies please click here.

TOBY Playpad

TOBY Playpad is a revolutionary evidence based iPad app that was designed to support the learning needs of children with an ASD. TOBY teaches parents and carers to immediately implement therapy in the home using both on and off iPad activities. It is ideal for children on wait lists or as a tool for home practice. Autism West has partnered with Curtin and Deakin Universities to create the TOBY Playpad (TOBY).

Click here for more details.
Toby Playpad website
Click here for the information booklet

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